Our ethics

Having majored in Business Ethics in his MBA, Greg Lucas makes the following commitments:

Integrity & Fairness

  • acumen advisers will exemplify integrity and fairness in our client relationships.
  • acumen advisers will show professional courtesy and respect to all clients, other professional advisers, professional bodies and regulatory authorities at all times, and do all things necessary to maintain and improve the status and standing of financial planning as a profession.
  • acumen advisers accepts the trust placed in it by clients, and will honour that trust in all dealings with clients by displaying integrity, fairness, honesty, candour and personal integrity at all times.
  • acumen advisers observe all laws and regulations applying to financial planning and in particular the financial planning process and the preparation of statements of advice and similar documents for clients.
  • acumen advisers will not do, or fail to do, anything that will breach Dover’s Client Protection Policy.

Best interests of clients;

  • acumen advisers will always act in the best interests of our clients.
  • acumen advisers emphasises short, concise and effective financial plans, which can be easily understood by you.
  • Every financial plan we provide you will be read and certified by a legally qualified lawyer.
  • acumen advisers will not place themselves in a position where it has an undisclosed or unresolved conflict of interest.
  • acumen advisers will ensure its advice is reasonable and appropriate to your circumstances.
  • acumen advisers will always provide a clear and prominent warning on the limits of their authority before providing a financial service to you.

Confidentiality & Privacy

  • acumen advisers client information will be secure and access controlled in accordance with professional standards of complete confidentiality and privacy laws and regulations.

Knowledge Standards

  • acumen advisers commit to a high standard of ongoing professional education and training including private reading and research, regular attendance at technical and professional training and constant study of the Corporations Act rules and regulations concerning the financial planning process and related fields.
  • acumen advisers commit to an on-going process of self-improvement in the preparation and delivery of financial services to clients.

What our clients say