We advise on all forms of property: residential homes, investment properties and commercial properties.

The family home occupies a special spot in the Australian psyche. At about 70%, our home ownership rates are amongst the highest in the world. The family home also occupies a special spot in the Australian investment history. It is historically Australia’s highest earning asset class, with an average annual return of over 8% compounding in the 10 years to 31 December 2015, and 10.5% per annum in the 20 years to the same date (source: ASX Annual Investment Report June 2016).
What’s more, homes account for around 43% of all household wealth in Australia.

The point is this: property must be a significant part of any financial plan. Which home to buy, how much to spend, how much to borrow and how to structure and manage the debt are all key questions that you need to get right. This is because getting these things right makes an enormous difference to all other aspects of your financial planning.

Commercial property is a form of property that suits some people. It tends to have a higher level of income return with a commensurate reduction in the rate of capital growth, and therefore can suit investors looking to draw income from their investment.

acumen advisers can advise and add value to every step of the process when it comes to purchasing property, either for private use or as an investment.

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