Our fees

acumen advisers is a fee for service practice. We do not accept commissions on any investment products or platforms that we recommend. This means that you can be completely assured that you are receiving unbiased advice, as our fee is the same regardless of which products we recommend.

Initial Consultation Fee – When we meet initially to discuss your needs, we take the time to ensure we have a mutual understanding of each other. So that you get the best value from this initial meeting, we cap the fee at $220. This fee includes: preparation for your consultation; the time spent at the consultation; and the time spent preparing your Initial Consultation Summary Letter.

However, we stress that there is no obligation attached to the Initial Consultation, and if we feel that your needs would be better met by another professional, then we will happily provide you with an appropriate referral.

We also offer a Fee Guarantee for the Initial Consultation – we are confident that at the conclusion of your Initial Consultation, you will feel that you have received quality Financial Advice and value for money. If you do not agree, advise us at this time and we will invoice you for what you consider is fair.

Advice Fee – this is based on the expected hours of work required to fulfil the Scope of Work agreed upon with you multiplied by the appropriate hourly rate/s. This is provided to you in writing for your approval. As per our Fee Policy, this amount is capped, so you are not ‘signing a blank cheque’ in appointing acumen advisers.

Implementation Fee – should you elect to proceed with our recommendations we will invoice you for the time spent implementing the recommendations.

Strategic Advice & Portfolio Review Fee – the fee for this service varies and is dependent on the level of support you require and the complexity of your personal situation.

 If you appoint us, your finances will gain clarity and direction and your knowledge in finances will improve.